After using an Eye-Fi card for about 3 weeks, I have to say it's fantastic and highly recommended!


  1. Shouldn't have to rely on a PC or Mac to configure it (although i can see why they do, it's the lazy/easy way, c'mon be creative and do it without a PC or Mac or Linux box!)
  2. The fact that none of the digicam or SLR manufacturers have this built-in (Nikon's Wifi on their point and shoots is inflexible and the WiFi transmitters on digital SLRs are overpriced and far too big) shows their analogue camera heritage. Connectivity is the most important part of digital cameras and WiFi is the easiest and most ubiquitous connectivity and should therefore be built in
  3. Eye-Fi should do RAW files and video files as well
  4. Can't wait for the Eye-Fi Explore, the geo version that uses Skyhook technology
  5. Please can we have an Eye-Fi version for Compact Flash as well as SD Cards? I don't want to have to buy SD to flash adapters
  6. I'm going to buy another Eye-Fi and a SD to CF adapter so I can use it in my Canon 20D digital SLR and upload photos no muss no fuss at public events with WiFi
  7. The fact that the Eye-Fi is *still* unavailable in Canada is unacceptable

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