Got my N78 yesterday from Nokia Blogger Relations yesterday (thanks!).

"Blink" reactions to the phone:

  1. I like candybar phones
  2. Why does the phone pre-flash even when I turn the flash off (I know it's to focus but why? The N95-1 didn't do this!!)? Can I turn off the pre-flash off?
  3. I don't like the small buttons on the numeric keypad. I keep hiting "7" instead of "*"
  4. Not a fan of brown. Can I have pink, green, orange, purple or some fun colour :-) ?
  5. Nice and light. The N95 feels very heavy in comparison
  6. Don't like the buttons in general: too small
  7. I wish it would charge via Micro USB

"Blink" reactions to the S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 2 software:

  1. As a experienced S60 user, I don't like the text in the middle e.g. "Open" - When I first saw that, I though hmmm, is there a new button in the middle? Of course there isn't. you just press the dpad in the middle to select that operation
  2. The zooming effects of the UI are ok but I could live without it. Rather have the menus simplified and fixed!


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