My fav N78 photo! 200806250007 N78 Photo 119 <p>IF you are a multimedia creator and a north american THEN get an N95 8GB NAM or N95-3 NAM</p> <p>IF you are a multimedia creator and a european or asian (except japan of course) THEN get an N95 8GB or the original N95, the N95-1</p> <p>ELSE get an iPhone 3G when it comes out</p> <p>That's my capsule review of the N78 :-) What can I say? I am spoiled by the iPhone's ease of use and wonderful application environment and the N95's wonderful 5 megapixel camera and video! And with the N95 coming down in price, I can't recommend the N78 (which except for the GPS being faster seems like a downgrade!).</p> <p>DETAILS:</p> <ol> <li>Pricey at $US 500 for the N78 NAM (NAM = North American 3G version), especially when the the N95 North American is $469.97</li> <li>Only 3 megapixel camera on the N78 (but it takes great pictures but not greater than the N95!) unlike 5 megapixel camera on N95</li> <li>Camera is slower to focus (even in fixed focus mode) than N95 which means more blurry photos</li> <li>N78 Keypad is awful, number keys are fine but the Green and Red Keys are very difficult to hit consistently</li> <li>S60 3rd Edition FP2, the OS on the N78, has hardly any real improvements. I'd rather have an simplified, easier to use UI than FP2's eye candy. I'd also rather have a phone that doesn't reboot like the N78 did on me (could be due to the Nokia Sports Tracker beta I was running but all the S60 phones I have used since 2004 randomly reboot). Please make S60 more stable! </li> <li>N78 Lanyard/strap clip is cool.</li> <li>N78 GPS seems faster and better at getting a satellite lock. </li> <li>Video is only 15fps unlike the 30fps on the N95 (and the difference is noticeable!)</li> </ol>

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