UPDATE: Vincent Janelle says that it could be that the Eye-Fi card is not approved by the CRTC.  Thanks Vince!

I am going on Darren's client Future Shop's blogger opening tonight and I know it's off topic but I have a question for Future Shop buyers: Why don't you sell the cool gadgets? Like the Eye-Fi card which IMHO is mass market (and to my knowledge has been available in the USA for over 6 months but is still unavailable from Canadian mass market retailers)  but still cool?

I have always loved gadgets. Ever since I have been a kid back in the 1970s I have been buying (via mail order) gadgets that were unavailable in Canada. Things are better now, since we have E-Bay (which I loathe, but that's another blog post) but we are still behind. Perhaps somebody should open up a retail version of TigerDirect.ca? I'd pay a premium to touch and feel cool gadgets that aren't officially available in Canada and to buy them immediately without suffering the slings and arrows of outrageous duty, mail order, e-bay and other annoying things like that.

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