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Well I went to FutureShop expecting more of the same old same old and I wasn't disappointed :-). Cleaner lines and better organized stuff but really not much different. Oh well.

Here's what I want: a store staffed by people who are all like the "Apple Geniuses" i.e. if I am looking for an iPhone lanyard strap, I could talk to an iPhone expert, if I am looking for a washing machine, I could talk to an washing machine expert. And there would be WiFi and computers so I could do my research in-house. I'd rather queue for somebody who knows what they are talking about than have to deal with three friendly people who don't.

I don't really enjoy dealing with staff who obviously don't have any product knowledge or who know less that what a Google Search would reveal. Unfortunately that's the norm for stores like these.

However, I am dreaming I know. I'll settle for a staff that isn't afraid to admit they know less than the customer and who are charming and friendly without being overly so.

And if anybody knows where I can get a lanyard case for an iPhone 3G, please leave a comment!

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