Again, I don't have the time but here's a fun game design session for MooseCamp 2009. If you are interested, edit the wiki page and come to the session if approved!

The following ideas are DRAFT (and i bet others have already thought of similar things). Please ADD YOUR OWN and let's discuss at MooseCamp 2009!

Hope to run this game as part of BarCamp Vancouver 2009 or earlier!


Identicon = unique graphic generated from a number (originally used by WordPress and other blogging systems to identify people based on their IP address for comments) in this case the number would be latitude and longitude, i.e. GPS coordinates

Yarn Bombing = grafitti with yarn in the real world aka 'knit grafitti'

Identicons, Yarn bombing and Mobile - An eternal golden braid

The idea is a unique mobile tech twist on a scavenger hunt and yarn bombing.

  1. the organizers of the game put up a bunch of identicons on a map to identify locations that have been 'yarn bombed'
  2. goal: find all the yarn bombs ('ybs') before the other players do
  3. mobile twist: you have to prove  you found the yarn bomb by using your mobile phone in one of the following ways
    1. post a picture of the yb to flickr, picasa, twitpic, etc or somewhere on the web and tag it and text the url to the organizers or in some way the organizers can get it electronically
    2. send a text to the organizers proving you found the yb
    3. send an MMS to the organizers proving you found the yb
    4. do a Bright Kite Checkin proving you found the yb
    5. basically anything that you can do from a mobile phone to prove you found the yb without  phoning the organizers or leaving them voicemail!


  1. don't put the identicons on a regular map i.e. make the locations part of the hunt or hint at them e.g. all skytrain stations in Yaletown
  2. business model: do this for events as an ice breaking thing
  3. don't use the identicon algorithm to generate the graphic, create an algorithm so that the graphic  hints at the location
  4. generate the identicons on the fly by putting the ybs on a bicycle or something moving using a mobile app that updates a map on the web or some sort of web based hint!

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