Experienced the usual "early Nokia firmware why-can't they-get-it-right-the-first-time" glitches today on the N97:

  1. The phone rebooted when I inserted the USB cable to recharge it
  2. USB charging via the USB cable didn't work until I rebooted the phone (charging via the USB to normal Nokia power charger coverter dongle worked flawlessly!)

As Dave Winer says, "We make sh*tty software". The frustrating part is that Nokia doesn't seem to improve its firmware for the initial release of its phones. My 7610 in 2004 and the trial N97 I have today in 2009 both have random reboot problems and other glitches; the fit and polish of the initial Nokia firmware releases (i am running the 2nd release i.e. V11 on the N97 but it doesn't seem very polished) hasn't improved in the last five years. C'mon Nokia, you can and should do better, please!

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