Aargh instead of making this a kick a*s product (I have 340 maps from bicycling on Nokia Sports Tracker which NST calls "workouts", ha my bicycling is not a workout!), Nokia is spinning out Sports Tracker into a separate company called Sports Tracking Technologies. I totally disagree with this decision. Instead I recommend (I know it's too late) that Nokia fix the web app (e.g. fix the horrific URLs, make it more social by tweeting your workouts, etc) and bundle the mobile app with all Nokia devices with GPSes. Perhaps Sports Tracking Technologies can give Nokia an exclusive license?

From Charlie at Nokia Conversations:


So, since you are all wondering, Nokia is not killing Sports Tracker, but giving it some wings and will discontinue the Nokia Sports Tracker beta towards the end of 2009 migrating it to Sports Tracking Technologies, a company founded by the creators of Sports Trackers (Ykä Huhtala and Jussi Kaasinen, if you care to know). Given more breathing room, the Sport Tracker guys will be able to start developing other related sports apps.


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