As Paul Weller sings, "Time Passes". I feel like yesterday was 1999 December and I had just started my Manila Blog, I feel like it's yesterday that I first met the Northern Voice Organizers but that was back in 2004. 6 years! Incredible. Thanks for the great memories to each and every Northern Voice participant and organizer past present and future!

I was right about flickr (80000 photos in 2 flickr accounts and growing!) and blogging (Countless folks told me as late as 2003 that blogging would die and they couldn't see the ROI :-) )

I did not foresee micro-blogging and twitter and the rise of the 21st century walled gardens like Facebook. I figured that we had learned our walled garden lesson with RSS and blogging and had left walled gardens behind with AOL and Geocities!

I thought we'd have usable video calling and multi-party video conferencing and ubiquitous 10MB/s bidirectional access Canada-wide. Wrong.

I didn't foresee Apple's iPhone. I thought and I still think that Nokia could and would get software. Unfortunately it looks like the big N is pulling an IBM instead of an Apple but I remain hopeful :-) !

See you tomorrow at Northern Voice 2010!


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