I have switched over to the N900 for the moment for my cameraphone pictures. All in all the N900 seems better than the N82. Some comments and nits:

  1. Would be nice to be able to switch off the touch screen because sometimes in the middle of bicycling I realize the GPS has turned off or the setting is wrong for some reason:
  2. Does this happen because of a glitch / bug or because of an inadvertent touch while bicycling? I think both!
  3. The N900 camera is not much faster than the N82 (in fact the N82 might be faster). Anybody done any timing?
  4. The N900 lens is clean. After 3 years, the N82 has dust under the cover
  5. In silent mode, the N900 camera app doesn't make a noise. This is different from the N82 and N95 which didn't allow me to turn the camera sound off even in silent mode
  6. The N900 built-in GPS is faster than  the N82 + Bluetooth GPS that I was using before

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