I remember five years ago trying to explain the Bryght / Hostmaster (I worked with Adrian at Bryght on Hostmaster billing and testing and making things work on production!) vision of building your own network of Drupal websites at the push of a button at many Drupal gatherings. All Drupal sites working together, easily updatable and working in your own cloud (or Bryght's cloud if you wanted to pay Bryght). People thought I was crazy :-). Only a few folks like Ethan Kaplan of Warner Brothers Records  and Jonathan Lambert of WorkHabit (and others who I have forgotten, forgive me) got it.

Now in 2010 with Aegir coming to fruition and multiple commodity clouds from build-your-own to using others' like Amazon's cloud and RackSpace's cloud, it's finally making sense to many many people (e.g Emma Jane Hogbin's vision of a cloud for every town)

Thanks to Adrian for continuing to implement the vision! Thanks to Adrian's collaborators and funders over the years: Koumbit, Raincity Studios, Chapter Three, the list goes on and on. Thanks especially those who continue to fund Adrian (go Development Seed and others go!) and the team of Aegir open source implementors, documenters and testers. The reality of open source is that code doesn't get written, documented or tested if there's no funding for it directly or indirectly.

Go Aegir go!

[This post was prompted by Adrian's Tweet:]


i just deleted the last remnants of hostmaster 1 and the work from my bryght / rcs days off my drive. The End.




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