HD size with Street Chrome Version of 2010 Men's Gold Medal Hockey Day Geotagged Pics from Flickr

Each red, yellow or orange dot represents 1 geotagged cameraphone photo from folks on Flickr taken between 00:00 Feb 28 2010 PST to 11:59PM Feb 28 2010 PST. Over 2000 photos! generated by: dl.dropbox.com/u/361757/CCC/mens-gold-medal-hockey-game28... 

(Works on Firefox 4, Safari 5, Chrome, Safari iOS 4 but not Firefox 3., github source)


  1. Granville and Robson truly were the epicentre of action that day!
  2. No photos uploaded from Granville Island
  3. No photos uploaded from The Drive - East Van was almost totally unaffected by the Olympics which corresponds with my experience. East of Gastown there was no Olympic visitors and not nearly as much buzz.

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