Really Enjoyed DemoCamp Vancouver 12 yesterday. Great Venue. Great energy from some great pitches and some great looking companies and ideas. Best yet. The only thing that could be improved is lighting for videos :-). Can we shine a light on the presenters next time? Just kidding! Some sample videos (I was able to stream about 16 or 17 including happy birthday to Justin of 49 pixels and all the pitches) after the jump of The Perfect Song and QuikPiq (randomly selected!).

I was disappointed by my N900 live-streamed Qik Videos:

  • The videos are too dark! But what can you expect from a cameraphone :-) Hope the N8 is better in low light. Or perhaps I should think of a portable light. Anybody know of a portable lighting solution?
  • I was also disappointed by the Qik application itself which seems to have lost (or maybe it's an N900 or Maemo bug) the 6 presentations that were buffered in the N900 Qik application but Windmobile couldn't stream fast enough in real time (probably because of Wind's nascent, un-tuned un-optimized 3G network and lack of base stations).


pitch from Quikpiq


pitch from The Perfect Song


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