Boris wrote:



For me, these falls into the theme of curation. Small groups that have high signal to share with each other on a peer level are much more interesting than much larger gatherings where there is a high disparity in interest/skill/expertise between participants.

I miss the 100 person Northern Voice days.

And at the same time, I hate the bullshit “curation” (because it isn’t) of TEDxVancouver. I don’t know that you can curate more than about a 100 people.



My two cents :-) 

  1. Yes, small groups that can meet together in real life around common interests, skills and expertise are powerful
  2. The tension is that you don't want to "over-curate" the people which is what Foo Camps and TED do but you also don't want to have a random group of people without any common threads or cohesion or even an overly large group of people which is what Northern Voice has become (unless you you have the network to meet up with cool people at Northern Voice and also meet new people at Northern Voice and make them part of your network to learn from and do stuff with; something that I always try to do and usually succeed only partially!)

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