Mobi bikes is great! Lots of imperfections but far greater than not having it!

  • A month ago I met with the amazing Jens von Bergmann who is the software developer behind the unofficial mobi bikes API and unofficial Mobi map at the fab revolver coffee.
  • We chatted about the API and broadly I think we agreed broadly on the following (in no order, I’m sure I forgot stuff!):
    1. A real API is needed not the unofficial one Jens maintains through web scraping.
    2. Would be super nice to have a real-time API (assuming there is a GPS on the bicycles) showing where the bicycles are (of course all personal identifying information would be removed).
    3. Would be great to have an API to get a backup of all of my personal data that Mobi stores. (i.e. where I have been, when, how much it cost, etc etc etc).

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