Not knowing anything about the person asking this question I’d say (not in strict order):

  1. Breakfast at Siegel’s Bagels in Kitsilano or a delicious Belgian waffle at Patisserie Lebeau at 8ish
  2. Walk to Granville Island and watch the market open. Great photo-ops. Consider buying pepperoni snacks at Oyama and/or sandwiches/snacks for later at Terra Breads.
  3. Get an Aquabus day pass and take the Aquabus to Chinatown (consider coffee at Matchstick or getting a pork bun or chicken bun at New Town Bakery or special set menu B or C with Hong Kong Style super strong tea with sweetened condensed milk), Yaletown (Yaletown is fun towers and dogs and the water) and Kitsilano (Kits beach is fun) and do some photowalking and see that Vancouver is a water city.
  4. Aquabus Kitsilano->Scienceworld/Chinatown and then walk and have coffee at Revolver (pourover aka feature coffee of the day or tasting flight! not coffee with milk you can get that anywhere! I’m kidding of course but really their coffee without milk is beyond delicious!)
  5. Lunch at Meat and Bread unless you are a vegetarian (but their salad is good)
  6. Bicycle, walk, rollerblade or jog around Stanley Park (if it’s winter, I’d suggest cross-country skiing at Cypress or if that’s not your cup of tea they also have snow shoeing and downhill skiing)
  7. Dinner at Rangoli, Vij’s or Burdock and Company or Tojo’s for sushi if you are rich :-) Phnom Penh’s chicken wings and butter beef are also highly recommended!
  8. I have no idea what you would do at night :-) ? I’m old but I love Strange Fellows micro brews!
  9. If you have time which you probably won’t :-) squeeze in a visit to the world’s largest blue whale skeleton at the UBC Beaty Biodiversity Museum and the amazing UBC Museum of Anthropology. But it’s 45 minutes from the city proper (with traffic) so it’s darn inconvenient. If/when we have proper transit to UBC it will be a lot more convenient.

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