• I know I live in a bubble of tech. And I’ve been fortunate to have meet many folks in the Vancouver and indeed world wide tech scene who have welcomed me warmly! Lucky! Let’s widen the circle! More minorities, more diversity of heritages and backgrounds!
  • Speaking of welcoming, another data point for my bubble today :-) at Revolver.
  • Jeremy Baker is an old friend from 10 years ago who I met in the Bryght/Drupal bubble (ah the good ‘ole Bryght days LOL). He’s now CTO at Retail Zipline. And he’s done an incredible amount of great work in the last decade or so in tech for many companies.
  • And I met a new person, Nagib Tharani. A polymath who’s done almost everything in many companies as well. And he’s got a new thing in beta, TailorCV (tailored résumés and more!). Can’t wait to try it out!

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