This animated GIF thing is still fun! There is something about circles! Gray makes up most of the piecharts! Hmmm :-)

Full context see my animated GIF git repo and scroll down to October 23, 2016:

  • mkdir 2016-10-23
  • cd !$
  • cp /Users/rtanglao/Dropbox/GIT/2016-r-rtgram/JANUARY2016/colourname*.png .
  • ls -1 *.png >2016-january-piecharts.txt
  • gm convert -loop 50 -delay 20 -scale 1024x512 @2016-january-piecharts.txt 2016-january-instagram-vancouver-average-colour-piecharts


animated GIF of piecharts of average colour instagram-vancouver 1-31January2016

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