• From about 1981-1988 I listened to CFNY religiously, the era of Dave Marsden as program director. Loved the Saturdays great song after great song. Loved the “new wave” and other “alternative music”. Loved that they never played top 40 or if they did it was played there first. Loved the British bands. Loved the bands from Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and all over Canada from the 80s (and hated the fact that local station CKOC wouldn’t play play any of them; how many times can you play music from 10-30 years ago? That’s what I used to think now look at me :-) !)
  • Nobody else played it except for Brave New Waves on CBC (yay Brent and Patti)
  • And now it’s back! And I’m loving it for now! At least David Marsden is back on nythespirit.com and it’s only 20 cents / day i.e. $5.99 a month. How much would you pay for the music of your youth plus some tunes from today?
  • I hope Dave can make a go of it! It’s amazing so far! Go nythespirit.com :-) !

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