• If I knew, I would tell you :-)
  • Just kidding, how about subscriptions like iPhone subscriptions ($500-$1000 / year) for totally open internet of things reference devices. One or more devices per year that have open APIs and open hardware and open software as much as possible right down to the embedded software, drivers and the hardware circuit files and the ASIC files.
  • And why not have or spawn companies around the devices that are most compelling to the wider non geeky / non power user world?
  • Not a big enough market you say? I say maybe in the old world where you have to make millions to serve you would be right. We, luckily, don’t live in that world anymore!
  • But what about the new world of mass customization and small production runs? If you can get 1 million subscribers or even 100,000 wouldn’t that be enough initially?
  • I figure there is a market eventually of 10s of millions if not more open web web enthusiasts and power users. (I mean c’mon look at the successful kick starters for devices that aren’t even open and hackable!)

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