tl;dr Read what Chuq wrote and skip what I write below :-) Part 1, Part 2, Part 3. I’m still sticking to the Mac as I wrote before but do what is best for you as always :-) !!!!!!

  • No roadmap this is what happens. I blame Apple. Bad PR bad communications.
  • Calling them MacBook Airs instead of MacBook Pros would have helped as somebody suggested (can’t find a link!)
  • Stop whingeing :-), start working on open source open hardware laptops or at least laptops that are closer to that ideal like System 76
  • No SD Card reader is not a big deal. I use WiFi to transfer JPEGs and have at least 3 USB SD card readers and I survived importing 10,000 or more RAW photos including Fuji XE2 and X100T into Lightroom on my slow and obsolete :-) and SD card reader-less MBA.
  • VR? Buy a Windows desktop until Apple delivers something decent. VR on a desktop is transient anyway and will soon be a thing of the past.
  • Need to frequently and quickly compile Firefox or some crazy large piece of software that’s Mac OS X specific? Apple has clearly messed up here and doesn’t have anywhere near a current solution! Old Mac Minis and Mac Pros don’t cut it.
  • Video editing beyond prosumer? Again Apple doesn’t have a solution and again you are SOL. I figure folks have really no solution except Windows or build your own system (and I wouldn’t recommend a Hackintosh unless you have an Mac IT person to support you!)

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