tl;dr: No email newsletter (use RSS) for this blog. No NASCAR, just blogging.


Don’t forget you can always subscribe via RSS using News Blur or The Old Reader or other RSS readers.

  • I won’t have an email newsletter of links.
  • I won’t have an email newsletter of even more stuff related to this blog.
  • No NASCAR social media sharing buttons either :-)
  • No comments. You can always tweet at me (@rtanglao) or write a blog post or heck even write me an email (see the footer of the blog for the email address).
  • No fancy Medium-like theme.
  • No Google or other analytics
  • No google sitemap or AMP or other crazy :-) Google foolishness ; my 3 readers know how to find me :-) !
  • However if I ever (never say never it might happen!) have a product or service or consulting to offer I’ll probably start a newsletter and do all the crazy things above but definitely on another domain i.e. not

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