Mark Busse writes:

Does Vancouver drive away more creative people than it attracts? Affordability aside, what other factors influence this issue? In particular, what are the forces that draw people here? Where does the potential lie?

Mark Busse’s tweet that inspired this blog post

And then Mark Busse tweeted:

@rtanglao OK, OK, that’s lots of angst, but what about Vancouver’s creative pull? It’s appeal? It’s POTENTIAL?

Read this first:

My answer to Mark Busse’s tweet

Here’s my flippant :-) tweet response:

@MarkBusse appeal is easy: mountains, small size, not Toronto :-) POTENTIAL: Saving the planet is huge for art, engineering and everything!


Vancouver’s appeal is obvious:

  • It’s not Toronto or even New York; it’s small and manageable and not establishment.
  • The scenery i.e. the flora and the fauna and the cityscape are stunning! (so you can mountain bike, bicycle, snowboard, ski, sail, hike, hang out in the forest, whatever fantastic nature thing you want to do!)


There can be no greater potential nor achievement than saving the planet from global climate change. And even better we will need everybody to do this including artists, scientists, engineers, marketers, politicians, designers, etc etc

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