(UPDATE: Here’s the followup blog post with the actual shirt!)

(I know I said I wouldn’t blog until 2017 but I could resist :-) !) Check out the repo for full details:

  • Make Vancouver’s help info requests 16” by 12” at 200dpi i.e. a 3200x2400 png: therefore using 10x10 thumbnails: 320*240=76800 thumbnails
  • cd 10x10; ls -1 | head -76800 >1st76800pngs.txt
  • gm montage -verbose -adjoin -tile 320x240 +frame +shadow +label -adjoin -geometry '10x10+0+0<' @1st76800pngs.txt montage320x240-flickr-2004-2012-1st76800-10x10.png
  • upload montage320x240-flickr-2004-2012-1st76800-10x10.png to make, add it to 1x Unisex Adult American Apparel Mighty Print T-Shirt - M / Front and change background colour to pink and done! I’ll post a blog post as a followup!
  • back to scheduled holiday non blogging :-)

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