tl;dr Apple made mobile phones truly easy to use and truly made them computers


  • The iPhone changed the world: "There would be no Trump presidency" without it!"
  • What I wrote about the original iPhone:
    "lousy pictures but the most usable phone the world has ever seen for SMS, web browser for twitter, utterz, jaiku, etc." and this was before apps!"
  • My first iPhone post on January 14, 2007 (it turns out that the whole Symbian user experience was unacceptable when compared to iPhone):
    "Thank-goodness for Apple! Now we wil get some innovation in the mobile space. Series 60 and Symbian OS really need some re-thinking in terms of usability and needs to get more stable. Even with just the built-in software, I regularly have to reboot my N93 and the other Series 60 Symbian devices I get for free trial from Nokia Blogger Relations; this is unacceptable!"

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