tl;dr As I blogged in 2013: Email will inevitably fail so if you foolishly depend on it, learn to back it up and restore it


The following pontifications were prompted by Professor Wallingford’s blog post about email hierarchy:


"I'm also a POP mail guy. For many years, Eudora was my client of choice. A while back, I switched to on OS X. In both, I had an elaborate filing system in which research mail was kept in a separate folder from teaching mail, which was kept in a separate folder from personal was kept in a separate folder from .... There were a dozen or so top-level folders, each having sub-folders. Soon after I became department head a decade or so ago, I began to experience the downsides of this approach as much as the upsides. Some messages wanted to live in two folders, but I had to choose one. Even when the choice was easy, I found myself spending too many minutes each week filing away messages I would likely never think of again."


Don’t do what the good professor is doing !!!! Instead:

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