Words are important!

  • “bunch” - how about “many” or “several” instead?
  • “ton” - how about a lot or many or several
  • “just to let you know” - how about fyi or in order to make x better or x better next time
  • “hint” - how about a tip to make life or this game or whatever better
  • “that being said” - how about “therefore” or “despite that”
  • avoid anything mentioning PEOTUS (soon to be POTUS) by name same with VPEOTUS
  • “pretty much” - how about “I agree”?
  • uh/um/like - how about just silence :-)
  • she “goes” x - how about she “said” x?
  • if somebody lies call them on it, don’t call it anything other than a lie
  • if somebody expresses something that is racist, then call it a “racist utterance” or “racist something” not some weasel word

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