Major kudos to The Regional Assembly of text folks on Main Street for making it so easy and being so patient with my silly unencumbered by graphical knowledge common sense :-) questions

  • Read their button making FAQ and directions
  • Download one of their button templates ( they have 4 sizes, I downloaded the 2.25 inch template
  • Open the template in Photoshop (should work in other programs like GIMP or even Pages or Preview but I only tried Photoshop)
  • Drag your button graphic (a circle shaped graphic that fits inside a 180 x 180 px square graphic seems to work for 2.25 inch, here’s the Martin Luther King graphic i used) into one of the circular spots on the template. Change the opacity (each dragged graphic creates a layer) of the layer to 90% in order to see if you have dragged it to the right position.
  • Repeat above 11 times since there are 12 circles per sheet in the 2.25 inch template
  • Create a PNG (here’s my PNG with 12 MLK buttons)
  • Print onto normal paper as many copies of the PNG as you need (3 copies x 12 = 36 possible buttons but you of course can do whoever many you need, we did 30 buttons so needed 3 copies of the PNG)
  • Take the 3 sheets to The Regional Assembly of Text and they’ll show you how to use their circle cutting machine and button making machine and in < 1 hour you will have 30 buttons)! Easy! and 70 cents a button in quantities of 30 ore more
  • Here is what it looks like:
    mlk button mission accomplished! thanks for the idea @davewiner

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