Yet another reason why iPhone (despite Appleā€™s idiocy) is better than Android! Especially if you are paranoid about security and privacy.

From Malware found preinstalled on 38 Android phones used by 2 companies:


"The infected devices included:

    Galaxy Note 2
    LG G4
    Galaxy S7
    Galaxy S4
    Galaxy Note 4
    Galaxy Note 5
    Galaxy Note 8
    Xiaomi Mi 4i
    Galaxy A5
    ZTE x500
    Galaxy Note 3
    Galaxy Note Edge
    Galaxy Tab S2
    Galaxy Tab 2
    Oppo N3
    vivo X6 plus
    Nexus 5
    Nexus 5X
    Asus Zenfone 2
    OppoR7 plus
    Xiaomi Redmi
    Lenovo A850
Check Point didn't disclose the names of the companies that owned the infected phones."


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