• 1/16 Databases for “the normal non procedural programming” people in 2017 seem to be Excel and Google Docs (spreadsheets and Writely er I
  • 2/16 mean whatever they are called now :-))
  • 3/16 Anything better out there?
  • 4/16 When it comes to correlating, chopping and slicing, visualizing, calculation, aggregation, etc, it seems we are stuck with what Excel
  • 5/16 and Google Docs give us which isn’t much.
  • 6/16 Sure you can do easy charts!
  • 7/16 Sure you can combine columns and rows.
  • 8/16 But what if you want to do “real” programming aka something more complex encompassing both the richness of the web and the spreadsheet or
  • 9/16 document you are in?
  • 10/16 Normal folks can’t. Geeks have 8 million solutions: R Studio, Julia, Jupiter notebooks etc etc
  • 11/16 Something built on top of Google Spreadsheets with some sort of scripting language maybe? (the crazy Google Apps Script language that
  • 12/16 Google uses is silly but I’m biased)
  • 13/16 I have no idea but I think some fab creativity would be unleashed if there were a way to give more”procedural like programming” power
  • 14/16 to the people.
  • 15/16 I’m sure we’ve already invented this: e.g. Xerox Parc, Smalltalk, the mother of all demos, Brett Victor’s stuff but does anybody
  • 16/16 have an affordable solution on the web I can point normal people to try today instead of some prototype or research project?

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