• I’m crazy :-) so I use Firefox 99% of the time for both work and fun; if stuff doesn’t work or I need a second user, I use Safari NOT Chrome.
  • I use Firefox on Windows 1-2 hours per day at work but my main work and fun machine is a Mac. (I’m probably going to switch my main work machine to a Windows machine (i.e. real Windows laptop from Microsoft or Lenovo or some such NOT Bootcamp on a Mac) at the end of this year because I’m crazy. I know I will hate it but sometimes it’s nice to use what most other people use!)
  • I use Chrome only 0.5% when google unintentionally or intentionally b*rks FF & Safari
  • Chrome appealed to me with its speed back in the day but since 2011 the speed difference for me has gone away enough not to matter #ymmv
  • And even back then 2008-2011 I only used Chrome <50% of the time!
  • Plus I don’t like the idea of Google knowing more about me!
  • But honestly they can mine all my photos and my emails for advertisements, so I’m not exactly on firm moral ground here :-)
  • Disclaimer: I don’t know anything about the Firefox code or Chrome code and I work on the Firefox support team so I am biased of course :-) I also don’t use E*ge on Windows because I irrationally still don’t like M*crosoft. #ymmv
  • More perspectives: Nick Nguyen - Jumping over guardrails and Eric Petit: Browse against the Machine

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