"At the Recurse Center, I spent some time teaching myself image processing. When I started, I had no idea what it entailed. I just knew that it could help me recognize text, shapes and patterns and to do interesting things with them.

My sources have mainly been Wikipedia pages, books and publicly available university lecture notes. As I became more familiar with the material, I wished for an ‘Image Processing 101’ article that could give anyone a gentle introduction to the world of image processing.

This is my attempt at writing that article.

This article is designed for those who are comfortable with Python. No other previous knowledge is required...


All code and images used are available as a runnable iPython notebook on Github. You can also see the iPython notebook online..

I highly recommend learning image processing work on iPython notebook as it allows you to display images inline, which makes it really easy to get feedback on what your code is actually doing...


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