[UPDATE: Here’s a link to Jennifer Selby-Long’s Video: Working Across Personality Types: The Introvert-Extrovert Survival Guide, with Jennifer Selby-Long]

My not so great notes but some great food for thought and steps that we can all apply and of course note that it’s not a binary world we live in more grey than black or white :-) Everybody is both introverted and extraverted at times!

if you prefer introversion, here’s how to deal with extraverts:

  • communicate voice to voice (hard with timezones)
  • listen very closely to the last sentence!
  • signal that you’re engaged in the conversation
  • let the pace of conversation be quick if appropriate
  • if you need to process SAY SO :-)

virtual meetings HOW TO

  • post as much as you can in advance
  • pause
  • ask specific team members for their perspectives
  • actively solicit ideas that bubble up after meeting
  • split more complex decisions into 2+ meetings
  • plan for setbacks as you improve team dynamics

if you prefer extraversion, here’s how to deal with introverts

  • communicate first in writing whenever possible even if it’s just on slack 10 minutes before
  • listen very closely to the first sentence
  • wait during their pauses - don’t fill in the quiet space with more words [roland] - omg this is so difficult for me!
  • ask how long people would love to think about a decision or a topic
  • circle back after conversations to learn their thoughts (10 minutes up to 2 days)

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