• Went to the Emily Carr Big Reveal today.
  • Very gothic, very centralized and very fab but it felt very cathedral-ish to me in the best possible way and in all the negative ways too.
  • Which begs these questions to me anyways :-):
    • Why can’t universities be more integrated into the community and decentralized like public libraries?
      • The libraries have a central branch but then they also have very effective and useful branches in every community.
    • Why not have the 21st century equivalent of quonset huts in every community, move them around, and/or make them fixed sites with varying stuff and people and students? i.e. mini distributed university “incubators” everywhere. e.g. a hut with solar cells, power and connectivity that people get scholarships to work at, do art, do science, teach in small tutorial groups, do workshops, etc?

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