• Not my words but preach it :-)


WISE WORDS: "What has happened is that the promise of the free and open internet that is a resource to grant us all access to information and unlimited communication has been coopted by business and state interests. Not to sound too hippy dippy, but the Internet has been weaponized, and social media has essentially been converted into a massive psyops program against all of us where anyone with basic technical proficiency and time can engage in information warfare."

QUESTION: "So what can be done? Limiting what we let our small children see and experience only takes us so far. People of all ages are being targeted and exploited. It feels like a losing battle in the long run, even with the problems identified."

EVEN MORE WISE WORDS: "There is not much the end user can do. There are platitudes that folks in my industry like to roll about about training and education, or suggesting to think before you post stuff online, but there isn't much folks can do to protect themselves in a society where there is as much asymmetry between the capability to produce targeted, psychologically impactful content and the ability to defend oneself from that content.

I strongly recommend a healthy dose of critical thinking, making time for self care, and focusing time spent online on constructive activities instead of media consumption, but YMMV."


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