• The problem with interactive notebooks that have R or python or other computer software code is that you have nowhere to execute since it won’t execute in a browser (at least not YET :-), c’mon just translate R to javascript easy peasy :-)!). Binder hub solves this problem.
  • Juicy quotes from Note On My Emerging Workflow for Working With Binderhub


For anyone not familiar with Binder / MyBinder, it’s a service that will launch a fully running Jupyter notebook server and computing environment based the contents of a Github repository (config files as well as notebooks). What this means is that if you put your Jupyter notebooks into a Github repository, along with one or two simple files that least any Linux or Python packages you need to install in order to run the code in the notebooks (or R packages and perhaps Rmd files if you also install an R kernel/RStudio), you can get a browser access to that running environment at just the click of a link. And the generosity of whoever is paying for the servers the notebook server runs on.


"We would love to see others deploy their own BinderHub servers, either for their own communities, or as part of a federated public service of BinderHubs."

I’d love to see the OU get behind this, either directly or under the banner of OpenLearn, as part of an effort to help make Jupyter powered interactive open educational materials available without the need to install any software


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