• Roland’s paranoia about Android 6 aka Roland’s over-analysis of Karoo part 2 (Roland’s over-analysis of Karoo part 1)
  • Based on the work folks response below, the worst that could happen is that you get mis-navigated and/or that the Karoo stops working because of an Android 6 hack that the Karoo folks don’t patch. Not a worry because I don’t trust navigation computers since I get lost no matter how accurate they are
    • I asked some work folks and here are their edited responses:


"@roland it seems like an AOSP fork, so they could have a solid security/app model that limits enough attack surface. and really, is that better or worse than whatever the h*ll G*rmin runs on? :-)

I mean, it’s a cycling computer with pretty finite functionality

it’s an interesting design, and the idea of a connected GPS without taking my phone on rides is nice"


  • All Right! I’ll revisit in Christmas 2018 and see how they are doing.
  • I’m more likely to buy the second version of Karoo because they are going to get some things wrong. And then stop supporting the 1st version.
  • I guess no bicycle computer with software and connectivity and apps lasts forever. A simple bike computer that doesn’t have connectivity is the only thing that lasts and how long will they last and will they provide the features I want? Probably not.

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