Update title and content

  • As part of preparing to get SUMO ngrams for Firefox releases: first update the question title and description. The following is from the sumo-questions README:

  • 1. run mongodb

cd /Users/rtanglao/Dropbox/GIT/sumo-questions/MONGODB
mongod --config /usr/local/etc/mongod.conf --dbpath=. &
  • 2. fix firefox 55 and 56 desktop questions
. setupMongo
cat SUMO-QUESTIONS_MYSQL_20OCT2017/ff55-56-question_questions.csv | ./add-questions-to-mongodb.rb 
  • 3. add firefox 57 desktop questions
. setupMongo
cat SUMO_QUESTIONS_MYSQL_FF57_15DEC2017/ff57-questions_question.csv | ./add-questions-to-mongodb.rb 

Then in part 2 we will get the raw question title and description from mongodb

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