• Why don’t I attend conferences or listen to podcasts? Answer: too homogeneous and too long
  • I’d rather talk to people in the lobby of a conference or at a cafe then listen to a talk for 20-60 minutes.
  • I’d rather people summarize their stuff in the 1st 10 slides (or less! I bet most folks talks could be 5 slides and most podcasts could be 10 minutes or less) and talk for 5 or 10 minutes and then do a long Q&A (and put the long form detailed stuff in a wiki page or blog post that they link to in those slides)
  • I’d rather not have more of the same sorts of the same people who are always on the radio and in the books I read and in the media I consume when I can easily find more diverse voices on the internet without going to a conference and without enduring a >30 minute podcast!
  • Having said that conferences with diverse folks and speakers are still appealing and so are short podcasts (although short podcasts seem to be very very scarce!).

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