• What’s your personal transit utopia in your town? Mine is autonomous, self guided transit and transport i.e. buses and trucks supplemented by autonomous taxis in the city of Vancouver. And it’s free and it’s strongly regulated by the government :-) #ymmv
  • Speed limit of 20km/h with only 1.5 lanes needed since only the AGVs drive and thereby freeing up physically separated space for pedestrians, and bicycles to co-exist safely.
  • I doubt the above will happen but I think in the absence of “true AI”, it’s about the only autonomous guided vehicle vision that will work in the city of Vancouver.
  • As for the suburbs I have no idea, could it work there? I don’t think so, not enough density to work without true AI.
  • Again, I doubt this will actually happen but sometimes you have to put your vision out there no matter how unlikely :-)

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