• User review of Firefox for Android –> “Every few weeks my pinned sites & bookmarks disappear into thin air replaced with Amazon links” <– 99.99999% Firefox for Android doesn’t do this nor does Chrome or any other browser on Android
  • So what’s causing this you ask?
  • Good Question :-)
  • Wild guesses but it’s probably one or more of the following:
    • anti-virus
    • an errant Firefox for Android add-on (unlikely but possible)
    • your WiFi or 3G or 4G provider
  • All software including Chrome, Firefox, or any piece of software on any phone or tablet or computer will continue to have sad bugs like this until we build secure reliable components at every software layer in a safe language like Rust, Haskell or some such (not C++, not Javascript, not Python, not Ruby, not Fortran :-), not Cobol, not C, not BASIC etc etc)

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