• We drove to Cypress to cross-country ski 30 times last year.
  • It’s approximately 40km 1 way (37 km actually)
  • 80 * 30 = 2400 km for 5 months of the ski season
  • Filling up the 2002 Honda CR-V which has snow tires and a ski rack is $70 at $1.60 a litre (approximately 44 litres).
  • At 9 km/litre that’s 267 litres
  • At $1.60 / litre that’s $427 in gas per ski season (so it would take 2 or 3 ski seasons before you saved lots of money?!?) and what if gas goes to $2/litre ? Electricy is a lot cheaper than this I think.
  • What would be best is to be able to rent/lease a car with snow tires for the ski season.
  • Nobody offers this solution though! Modo doesn’t have cars with snow tires for example.
  • Obviously the above discussion comes from a perspective of socioeconomic privilege
  • And obviously from a point of view of a province like BC where electricity is hydro-electric, EVs make sense TODAY!
  • It seems to me that if cross-country skiing at Cypress is our only car driving need than 160km is adequate range (double the actual 80kn for cold conditions)
  • For trips to Whistler Olympic Park (we only go to WOP 2 or 3 times a year) which is 130km i.e. 260km round trip you need a car with a range of about 500km (or about 260km if you can charge on the way back)
  • Ignoring Tesla because of its high cost, then either the forthcoming Nissan Leaf (scheduled for end of 2018) with over 300km range is the only “affordable” EV that fits gets us to Cypress and WOP!

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