• And it’s not fun work but it is rewarding work because then you can easily plot using ggplot2 or whatever you use!
  • In fact it’s not fun but data cleaning is also an act of judgement and analysis because it’s almost always a judgment call as to what an ‘outlier’ is and what outliners to throw out!
  • I’m far from the first to observe this of course :-)
  • And ggplot2 is great fun because you can easily create many many types of graphs with that 1 cleaned dataset with minimal lines of code.
  • An example was the previous post on the Operating System graph for Firefox Desktop questions: e.g. what is ‘linux’? should I track every distro? You can see my arbitrary-but-hopefully-mostly-correct choices in the ruby code to generate the dataset:
case os
  when /^Windows 7/i
    os = "Windows 7"
  when /^Windows 10/i
    os = "Windows 10"
  when /^Windows 8/i
    os = "Windows 8"
  when /^Windows XP/i
    os = "Windows XP"
  when /^Mac OS/i, /^macos/i
    os = "Mac OS"
  when /^Linux/i, /^ubuntu/i, /^centos/i, /^arch/i, /^lfs/i, /^fedora/i 
    os = "Linux"
    logger.debug "SETTING os:" + os + " to other"
    os = "Other"

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