• Using R and lubridate, I don’t know how to reset the start of the year to be an arbitrary day of the year i.e. the day Firefox is released which is usually a Tuesday and sometimes Wednesday.
  • It would be cool if there was something analogous to lubridate.week.start e.g. something like lubridate.year.start
  • For now I kludged (this doesn’t work if the first 3 weeks of the release spans years e.g. dec 2018-2019 or if there is a leap year) it in plot-antivirus-mentions-by-week.R by subtracting the day of the year and adding 1:
  • e.g. in the following code, if Firefox 62 was released on September 5, 2018 which is yday 248 let’s call it release_yday, then the days since September 5th is yday - release_yday + 1
base_yday = yday(one_day_of_data_from_mongo[1,"created"]) 


 mutate(release_week_day_number = yday(created) - base_yday + 1)

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