• From the department of i-never-had-a-problem-with-automatically-hiding-taskbar-on-osx-but-i-do-have-it-on-windows: Windows 10 Taskbar Not Hiding (I tried to fix the typos but this is definitely not how I would have phrased this! Anyhow that’s grammmatical snobby english-as-a-first-language nitpicking :-) because the text does get the message across!):
    1. “In the Processes tab, select Windows Explorer and click on the Restart button.”
    2. a) “If you have the SEARCH box on the taskbar but not the SEARCH button, click in the search box. b) When the search window pops up, click somewhere on the desktop so the search window disappears. After that, the taskbar should auto-hide normally. “

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