Get in where you fit in :-) Email me roland AT rolandtanglao.com with your phone number so you can get text updates for exact timing.

  1. Friday July 12, 2019 730a.m. Breakfast at Livia on the drive, 1399 Commercial Drive. Carbonara anybody :-) ?
  2. Friday July 12, 2019 930a.m.ish Coffee at Nusa (it’s about a 30 minute bicycle ride from Livia, 2766 West 4th; I’ll be bicycling, you can walk, ride, drive whatever works for you :-) ). Indonesian coffee and sweets!
  3. Friday July 12, 2019 1130ish Filipino lunch at Kulinarya on the Drive, 1134 Commercial Drive (it’s about a 30 minute bike ride from Nusa. If I had to pick, I’d pick the following meat-based dishes, kare-kare, chicken adobo, pancit canton, house sinigang and crispy pata .Luckily for vegans and vegetarians Kulinarya’s menu has many dishes for you!
  4. Friday July 12, 2019 2p.m.-ish-4p.m.-ish Beer at Port Moody Ales , 2601 Murray Street, Port Moody (about an hour sky train ride from Commercial/Broadway to Port Moody and then a 15 minute walk), we’ll go to my house and park the bicycles first)

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