• Read the whole thing from the Computing Education Research Blog:Task-specific programming languages: People aren’t dumb. Programming is hard.: “People aren’t dumb. Programming languages are hard. If we can fix that, we should. That’s what I see task-specific programming as being about.”
  • I think we’ve tried this before but it’s time to try again. And learn from Matlab, R, Logo, Hypercard, spreadsheets etc
  • Anybody should be able to express what they want and create a crude software tool to do it and then hand it off to others for refinement and user experience improvement if need be. I bet more than 50% of the time the crude software tool created by normal folks would be super useful at least as a working prototype.
  • Via Knowing and Doing::Eugene Wallingford::Encountering an Old Idea Three Times in Ten Days which has this great quote: “There was a need for a keyboard thirty years before anyone designed a standard typing interface, so telegraphers adapted an existing tool to fit their needs. What if we are in that same thirty-year gap in the design of programming languages? “

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