• The BC Ride to Conquer Cancer 2019 was as moving and humbling as 2017.
  • So many survivors.
  • So many lost.
  • So many stories. Hope lives!
  • I couldn’t really look at the photos that people attached to their the bicycles as they rode. Too teary!
  • I felt healthier and the fact that I could ride the challenge route of 150km so fast and the normal route on day 2 of 105km so fast is a testament to the training that I did and the amazing advice and coaching from (not in order)
    • Coach J (maple syrup and so many tips)
    • Brite Coaching (without Zach’s krazy training ride up Tolmie think I would have been walking up the super steep hill on day 1! The Spanish Bank repeats made the rest of the RCC hills a breeze not to mention riding the UBC crit course)
    • the amazing Lotus bicycle club (I have learned so much from riding with the peeps at Lotus; the atmosphere of friendliness and learning together is infectious and without the Brite Coaching training arranged by Lotus, my riding would be so much less efficient and more tiring.
    • electrolytes from Precision Hydration (no cramps! no achey feeling two days after! again arranged by Lotus).
  • And of course hats off to “fastest bicyclist uphill” Andy :-) for waiting for me and pushing me to do the challenge route!
  • Biggest thanks to my life, my support, my anchor: my fantastic partner Barb! Thanks for putting up with me being absent all those training hours.
  • Mega thanks to all my donors! Thank you thank you thank you! Please donate in 2020 again if you can
  • Maybe next year I’ll decorate the 1946 Schwinn and ride the “normal” route for a different kind of challenge :-) ?!?! Who needs more than 8 gears!?!?

Day 1 Strava - RTCC 2019 Day 1 Challenge Route

  • heart rate is wrong on the high boundary; 99% sure my heart rate didn’t go above 180bpm

Day 1 Strava - RTCC 2019 Day 2

  • the calories is wrong :-) Maybe Strava thought I was riding the much heavier Schwinn :-) ?

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