logger.debug "created from API:" + q["created"] + "<-- this is PST not UTC despite the 'Z'"
    # All times returned by the API are in PST not PDT and not UTC
    # All URL parameters for time are also in PST not UTC
    # See https://github.com/mozilla/kitsune/issues/3961 and
    # https://github.com/mozilla/kitsune/issues/3946
    # The above may change in the future if we migrate the Kitsune database to UTC
    created = Time.parse(q["created"].gsub("Z", "PST")) 
  • and the associated issues, 3961 and 3946

  • And for posterity’s sake :-) here’s the current way to use the Kitsune API (all of my other scripts that use the API are currently broken; maybe someday I’ll fix them :-) <— this may change if we find the time to make Kitsune all UTC):

    cd /home/rtanglao/GIT/rt-kits-api2/201911
    ../get-creator-answers-questions-for-arbitrary-time-period.rb 2019 11 10 \
    2019 11 10
    ../print-desktop-en-us-all-oses-increasing-ids-time-url-title-content.rb \
    2019-11-10-2019-11-10-firefox-creator-answers-desktop-all-locales.csv markdown

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