• “Sloan reminds us that programming can be – is – more than a line on a resume. It is something that everyone can do, and want to do, for a lot of different reasons. It would be great if programming “were marbled deeply into domesticity and comfort, nerdiness and curiosity, health and love” in the way that cooking is. That is what makes Computing for All really worth doing.” <— read Eugene’s Programming Feels like home which is a fantastic riff on Robin Sloan: An app can be a home-cooked meal
  • And like cooking you don’t have to cook and some don’t want to ever and that’s fine too (you can’t do everything but like cooking I think it’s worth a try at some point in your life)!
  • Bonus take from Ton’s I am the programming equivalent of a home cook “Eating better, more affordably or in a specific way, translates to programming with the purpose to hone the laptop as your tool of trade and adapt it to your own personal workflows, making it support and work with your very own quirks. “

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